G. keeping it Cousins abroad.

G. keeping it Cousins abroad.

The 50 best Milwaukee albums of the 2010s (so far): 30-11

Your Cousins are No. 30.

Thanks again for continuing to think about us.

The tub is still warm, so we’ll be chilling for a little while longer…

Cousins on another 2013 List

Thanks Ryan H. for the kind words!

It is impossible to listen to this post-punk/shoegaze/post-hardcore behemoth of a record without a lump planted firmly in your throat or at least doing a few surreptitious fist pumps on your way to school/work in the morning. Really incredible first “proper” album before Cousins’ premature demise. But we have this swirling, reverb-drenched, sucker punch to the temple as a testament to the most powerful rock album of the year.

Bathhouse on Myspace's The 50 Best Cassette Tapes of 2013 | Myspace

Don’t know what is more outdated, MySpace or tapes, but Bathhouse is no. 18.


Will, thanks for the love.

Do not sleep on this rip-roaring noisy pop from Chicago.



Ad Hoc - Bathhouse

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